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[Misspent Youth] Rule tweak

Started by Robert Bohl, December 09, 2008, 05:40:04 PM

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Robert Bohl

Right now, I'm running the first (as far as I know) ongoing series of Misspent Youth. This is giving me several ideas for what to do with the final version of the game. I will write about these in detail in the final book, but this particular one I have found quite helpful and wanted to share it with you.

During last week's regular session, we hit on the fact that coming up with new Authority Figures every week that were tied into the Friendship Questions was starting to get frustrating. We were coming up with great Friendship Questions and finding ourselves irritated by the need to shoehorn AFs into them. Kat (I believe) and I both independently and simultaneously arrived at the solution:

Create FQs and AFs separately at the start of each session. If you feel like integrating them, that's fine. You don't have to.

I found this to be very helpful when I ran the game last weekend at JiffyCon Lowell '08, and intend to include the rule as part of the final draft and use it in upcoming games.


PS: I hope to have a final edition of the game completed for Gen Con Indy '09, perhaps before. If not, I would be shocked not to be done by Dexposure's Dreamation '10.

PPS: If you have any feedback, if you've run complete series of the game, if you have rules tweaks, if you played and hated the game (or loved it), please post about it or at least let me know. You can email me at my gmail account, which is at rob dot bohl.
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