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Talk about Rob's other projects?

Started by HiQKid, January 06, 2009, 03:48:26 AM

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On the main forge page it says:
QuoteTalk about Misspent Youth and Rob's other projects.

So, what other projects are there? Anything that can be publicly discussed?

Any ideas you'd like to tackle after MY?

Just curious.

Check out my blog, please:
All comments and questions very welcome.

Also, I hope anybody reading this's having a nice day. Honest.

Robert Bohl

Heh. That's more of a placeholder for later, when I actually do some other things. I did make a game for Game Chef 2008 though it's never been played. And I do have an idea for a werewolf game I'm calling Obvious Monstrosities. Right now, though, I'm focusing on sussing out what needs doing on Misspent Youth.
Misspent Youth: Ocean's 11 + Avatar: The Last Airbender + Snow Crash
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Rob is being modest.

He is slaving away on the d20/FATE/BRP/GURPS/HERO versions of the Dictionary of Mu.