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Indiecon 2010 - 4th-7th November - 3rd year

Started by leonidas300, March 24, 2010, 09:31:25 PM

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Dear members and guests,

Indiecon has now been announced and its website is up and running:

When? 4th-7th November
Where? Naish Holiday Park, Dorset, UK
Why? Play tomorrow's games today and old favourites
Who? We have accomodation for around 500 people

This is your event, whether you are a game publisher/designer or just love playing games.

Trade: a combined Indie Trade Stand will be made available to all indie-publishers. Please check out our contact details on the site if you wish to have some representation. Small Press Publishers can also request their own dedicated demo table and stand.

Demos and Events: you can run pretty much whatever you want. The main hall will give priority to Indie Games, whereas all other areas will accomodate mainstream games if requested.

Publishers/future publishers get a chance to playtest their creations over 3 days.

Indiecon Supplement: take the convention home with this dedicated and exclusive material publication. Last year this came in at 88 pages. TOC available on request.

Get in touch for more info.

Author and Creator of Cursed Empire FRPG


Dear all,

I am very glad to announce that we have already overtaken the total accomodation bookings from last year with 6 months to go and are on track to potentially double the accomodation bookings from two years ago if those who have said that they would be coming make it.

Please note that if you intend to come to Indiecon, that you should try and get at least the deposits in as we are taking bookings every week now... and there are a fair few weeks to go.


Author and Creator of Cursed Empire FRPG


Ok, so these guys have said that they are coming;

Sceaptune Games
Postmorten Studios
Collective Endeavour
Cursed Empire
Leisure Games
Cubicle Seven
Pelgrane Press
Reapers Revenge

Still waiting to hear from:

Artemis Blacks
Stealthy Spider
Greywood Publishing
Omnifray Matt
and a few others

We have a few extra rooms allocated for the likes of Marcus Rowland and some additional guests that have been contacted.

If there are any people you think may be interested in coming along, please let us know.

Author and Creator of Cursed Empire FRPG