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Artists for Seraphim: Candlebright and Brymstone

Started by ADGBoss, August 19, 2002, 06:45:53 PM

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Well we have gotten to the point where we would like some concept art for Seraphim: C and we NEED art for Brymstone.

Brymstone is a mag ADG is gonna put out and we need some internal art as well as some cover art... The theme for Issue #1 is "Brave NEw Worlds" We do not have alot of cash but we will try and work with any artists.

Seraphim: Candlebright is a cross between Space Opera, Cyberpunk, A little super hero thrown in. Set in the 5th Millenia (4439 CE)

Anyone interested just contact me @


I occasionally do package deals with small press publishers, if they want a nice cover but need interior art as well on a small budget.  With a name credit on the front of the book, I'll illustrate the cover and do 4-5 interior b&w drawings.
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