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Blood & Steel is now available!

Started by Jared A. Sorensen, August 26, 2002, 02:23:12 AM

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Jared A. Sorensen

jared a. sorensen /

Jürgen Mayer

5 pages all-killer no-filler! I like it. The character generation/definition rules are sweet. Also the spend a plotpoint to create a part of the setting thingy.
Jürgen Mayer
Disaster Machine Productions

Blake Hutchins

Waaaay freakin' cool, Jared.  I'll be limbering up my wallet for octaNe soon.



Jared A. Sorensen

Thanx for the kind words. :)

Quick note: there's a typo in the Styles example. Gosa San has +2 Might, +1 Craft and +1 Charm (he's blue-blooded, not red-blooded). I updated the file for ya's.
jared a. sorensen /