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Character Sheet Design

Started by Enoch, October 16, 2002, 05:32:16 PM

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Inspired by a differant thread I've decided to volunteer my services for anyone who's interested.

I've designed a great number of character sheets for my own private use, and my buddies have always complemented me on them.  My primary utility is MS Publisher XP.  I also use Flash to edit pictures (very basic editing) and make strange shapes that I can't make in Publisher.  You can get a shareware version of Publisher for free by ordering from Microsoft.  They send you a copy that works fully for a while, but even after the time expiration, you can still view and print Publisher documents.  I can also put them into HTML form, and probably PDF, but the quality will likely be reduced.

For some samples of my work.  These examples have lost of lot of formatting and some fonts probably won't show up. (WARNING, these are all large HTML files made with Publisher, they are all over 1 MB in size):

Unworthy 1

Note that all of these are character sheets made for individual characters.  I have examples of game system character sheets, but I'll have to upload them later.

Also, all of the examples above use copyrighted material.  I will not use anything that has a copyright unless I have the permission of the creator beforehand.  I do have over 500,000 pieces of clip art that are free use and that can be edited through Flash to look unique.  If you have art that I can use, all the better.

Well, that's all.  I'll put up some more samples later on.

Oh yeah, just contact me through e-mail if you want some work done.

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