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Human Wreckage

Started by Dav, July 31, 2001, 06:29:00 PM

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This one is for Scott Knipe:

Human Wreckage was fun.  But, as Ron mentions in the review, it needs an end-game.  One of the alternative methods that was floating through the crowd after play was to structure everything into the classic 3-Act-Play.

You have everything beginning with the death of a supporting member to determine outset Blood on Your Hands, which is great.  

Then, into the first Act.  In the first Act, we are justing getting warmed-up.  We start to know the characters and the "killer".  Thus, we only have a splatter-take as normally defined by the rules.

In Act 2, we have all gotten used to the characters (defining the spearation by one round of play, wherein all people have directed one scene).  Now Act 2.  In Act 2, we are in the rising action.  Now we have a death in the event that we roll all Bad Business, or in the event that we roll more Bad Business than Good Business (i.e., 2-to-1, and so on)... Have ties go to splatter-takes (cuz that is what we are all about).

After another round of play (or, optionally, 2 rounds), we enter Act 3.  In Act 3, you have a splatter-take every time someone rolls *any* Bad Business.  Now we are cooking with gas.  Then move to climax as normal.

Another slight point, when a person falls out of the game, any remaining supporting cast members he has "trapped" (such as in our case, where Mario had cast members to run in takes, but had the most Blood on His Hands, thus effectively, you couldn't kill his damn cast members) either dbe divided amongst other players, or have one of them become the new Main Character for Mario.

Just some thoughts.  We had lots of fun, so keep it going!




You answered one of the questions I had asked Ron, which was "Is this game any fun?".  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  I have a new version of the game sitting right here, and while it doesn't include the three act structure specifically as you described, it does get it right in regards to the first act. I also threw in some nifty new stuff that basically equates to Kewl Powerz, which will let the players mess with each other a bit (I'm thinking this will create a comepetitive atmoshere...I'm not sure how I like that, but we'll see).

In regards to the Supporting Cast, my revision disallows the death of a Lead in any way until all of his Supporting Cast members are dead.  Hopefully that rectifies that problem.

I've also included rules for "player improvement", assuming someone wanted to play this as more than a one shot.  The game offers the players a choice: Be the one whose Lead makes it to the final reel, or kill of your cast and be the one with the most BOYH.  The latter is by far the cooler of the two.  We'll see how that goes too...

It'll be up on my website soon.  Thanks for all the input, and I look forward to more as the game develops.

Take care,