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Playtesters wanted for future HeartQuest and Fuzz products

Started by Michael Hopcroft, February 04, 2003, 05:12:36 AM

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Michael Hopcroft

We are looking for someone who will be willing to devote a few weeks of time in the months of March and April to playtest HeartQuest D20, Fuzz: the Furry Police RPG, and a few other products related to the HeartQuest line.

Contact me if you're interested. Familiarity with the HeartQuest rules is essential for the supplementary rules testing, so preferably you should already have your own copy of the game. People who want to playtest HeartQuest D20 should be familiar with the D20 Modern rules from Wizards of the Coast and should be able to come up with stuff and work fast. Playtesters for Fuzz should be familair with the Action! System and the anthropomorphic genre.
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