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What's up cat?

Started by Mike Holmes, May 15, 2003, 10:18:03 PM

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Mike Holmes

Calling Unodiablo. Calling Unodiablo. Come in Unodiablo.

Working on anything new lately, Sean?

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Hi Mike,

Sorry this reply is so late! I don't get online much anymore, and I haven't been on the Forge in ages...

I'm working on moving up north, outta Madison at the end of the month.

Game-wise, I wrote about half or 3/4th of Dead Meat and lost steam / interest on it trying to find anyone to playtest (and not having $$ to print it anymore, art woes, etc, etc). I GM'd a weekly BESM all winter in a kind of anime - Sorcerer & Sword style run (I babbled about it on months ago), and now we're playing D&D.

Hope All Is Well @ The Forge,
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