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Author Topic: New Supplements availble now!  (Read 4190 times)
Matt Gwinn
Acts of Evil Playtesters

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« on: June 23, 2003, 03:05:13 PM »

Errant Knight Games is proud to announce the release of two new supplements for Kayfabe: The Inside Wrestling Game.

The Promoterís Handbook expands the world of Kayfabe into teh business aspects of the game. It includes detailed rules for promotion creation including instructions for creating developmental promotions, wrestling schools and backyard wrestling feds. It also covers getting TV deals and determining TV ratings, as well as rules for selecting venues, filling them to capacity and other aspects of wrestling finances.
The Promoterís Handbook is a 22 page full color PDF - a steal at only $2.50

Writerís & Workers is a playerís guide for Kayfabe. It places more emphasis on the Booking Committee and Locker Room sessions of the game. Kayfabe is not just about wrestling, itís about the politics of the business and how they ultimately result in what we watch on TV.

The Workerís section provides players with 40 new Assets and Flaws that make it possible to duplicate any wrestler. . . from the most famous superstar to the lowliest of jobbers. Advanced rules for dealing with injuries have been added, including rules for pain killers and surgery. This supplement also introduces steroids - a prominent yet dangerous aspect of the business. Expanded rules for contracts and new rules and guidelines for backstage politics have also been included.

The Writerís section includes new rules to help you organizing tag teams, stables and feuds. And to help you struggling bookers out there, we have included step-by-step instructions on how to build towards your PPV matches.

Writerís & Workers is a 28 page full color PDF - another steal at on $2.50

Both supplements are available at errantknightgames.com

Buy the expanded 80 page edition of Kayfabe for only $12 and receive everything in one package! Print version will be availble soon and will be on sale at gencon 2003! Look for us at the adept press booth.

,Matt Gwinn
Errant Knight Games

Kayfabe: The Inside Wrestling Game
On sale now at
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