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Combat Rules Clarification

Started by Ocelot, July 27, 2003, 08:26:15 PM

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I just bought this game (Cartoon Action Hour) in paperback edition last week and I have been reading it a little at a time. So far, it seems really cool. I just have a few questions regarding the combat rules.

1. On page 39, it says that any actions beyond your first, are at a -3 penalty(except for move related actions). Does this mean that you may take any number of actions all at a -3, or only 2 actions with the second being at -3, or do the modifiers stack (-3 first action, -6 second, -9 third, etc)?

2. Can you take a dodge action and another action at -3, or does the dodge occupy your entire turn?

3. If you have already acted on a turn and you are attacked, can you then take a dodge action at a -3 penalty?

4. When parrying, can you also take an additional action in the same turn, but at a -3 or does that only apply to counter-attacks?

5. Do multiple parries count as one action or do they have a -3 modifier per parry along with the opponents +1 to a reroll?

6. If you parry then counter attack, do have the option of parrying any other attacks and if so, can you then counterattack someone else who has attacked you?