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Just a little status update

Started by ethan_greer, October 22, 2003, 04:46:02 AM

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Hi folks!

Well, despite the quietude here, things are going well and moving forward for SimplePhrase Press.  I terminated my writer's block concerning the sample scenario for Thugs and Thieves, so I'll (finally) be hammering that sucker out and getting the game ready for more playtesting.

Tonight I met with my artist and settled on price and all that jazz.  I'm really looking forward to getting some pics up on the website to pretty it up a bit and whet everyone's appetite.  I'm pretty excited about all this stuff.

So, still here, still kicking.  Hope you weren't worried. :)

Ron Edwards

Hi Ethan,

Actually, I was worried. "Just got my forum" silence can be deafening.

But count me in on being an enthusiastic supplicant for Thugs & Thieves. I have my character all worked out, and thanks very much, but she wears several (in addition to some clothes, anyway) cunningly-placed straps. We call it "fantasy" role-playing, after all.

You might want to consult with Paul Czege about the year of fairly exhaustive playtesting and manuscript-drafting he went through with My Life with Master. There's a lot of insight available there.



Heh -- no tatters, Ron? So, tell me about your character -- what makes her a badass? Is she adequately defined by the current system, or is there something missing that further char-gen rules could provide?  Start another thread if you want, or do it in here if you want, that is assuming you're willing to share. I'm curious as to what other people will come up with for a couple reasons. First, I love the genre, and having new characters and ideas in the genre to mull over just tickles me pink. Second, I want to know how well the game aids in building "appropriate" (for lack of a better term) characters. (If at all...)

Mike Holmes

Hey, there are lots of us watching, Ethan, even if we're not posting. Lots of views on these threads. So keep at it.

With no game out being played, you can't expect people to be making much noise here. If you want to have things talked about, you'll probably have to start the converstations, Ethan. So try to post something about the progress regularly. So we don't get worried. And remember that questions generate way more action than simple announcements.

Just some thoughts. :-)

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Yeah, and I'm sure this thread didn't instill any confidence... :)