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Sorcerer Sighting

Started by jburneko, November 06, 2001, 12:37:00 AM

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I CAN'T believe it took me this long to post this.  I just completely forgot.  So, you'll never guess in a MILLION YEARS where I saw a copy of Sorcerer this weekend.  As some of you know I live in Santa Monica and I was down at the local mall (!?) and there it was, on the shelf of my local WIZARDS OF THE COAST store!

Hopefully, someone bought it.  My girlfriend and  I certainly made enough of a spectacle out of spotting it there.



I saw one at a local game store this weekend.  Ironically, there was a D&D convention going on.

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Jared A. Sorensen

Saw a copy in Nashua, NH in the Scary Game Store there when I was apartment hunting a few weeks ago.
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Weird.  Today I finally managed to get down to the mall, in the Seattle/Bellevue area, and what do I discover on the shelf of the local Wizards of the Coast store?  Two copies of Sorcerer.  Well... one copy, now. :smile:

Dan Root

Ron Edwards

THERE we go! Not only Sorcerer sightings but Sorcerer sales.

If you guys can believe it, I haven't seen any copies in any game stores. It's mainly because I haven't BEEN in very many stores in the last three months. I was kind of hoping to get to see one of them, though, before the shelf-space crunch bumps it forever into back-room status ("Sorcerer? Never heard of it. Oh ... the little hardback, yeah. Oh ... um, no, we had it for a while ...").


Ferry Bazelmans

Hi Ron,

Went to that other European (Dutch) con last Friday and once again found that Sorcerer had managed to surface. :smile:

Found 4 copies at a Belgian stand and several lone copies at the stands of German and Dutch shops.

I have no idea how sales went, but I was only there the first day and not for very long...

This time I did manage to get the organisers to allow me to distribute some 50 copies of the Tundra flyer by putting it on the information desk. When I came back at the end of the day they were all gone (now let's hope some asshole didn't throw them out or something).

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Ron Edwards

Thanks Ferry!! (Everyone praise Ferry for fighting the good fight.)

I'm told that my "European penetration" - I swear to God that was the phrase - is excellent. I hope that sales and interest bring me another round of orders there.



Well, interestingly I've had a whole bunch of sales of EG to European addresses in the last couple months.

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I've got a (hardbound) copy, and I'm in Scotland. I believe I have the only copy in Glasgow, if not the country. The word is spreading however, as I've got a group in my local gaming society playing. More on the way that's working out later, if people are interested.
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Julian Kelsey

I bought my hard copy here in Sydney, Australia, last month. There are copies on prominant display in three seperate game stores in the CBD.

Now to get play some going here, although I'm looking at a substancial variant to suit a far future with AI's rather than demons.

Cheers, Julian.


I found one copy of liitle fears and one copy of sorcerer in Orcs Nest in London, both hardcover.  Nabbed the Sorcerer.  I had gone in and asked them about it a month or so ago, so maybe they picked it up because of that - they claimed not to have heard of it (or tundra) when I asked.  With any luck they'll buy more.
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hmmm... south africa seems to follow the UK closely in terms of release and things-finally-showing-up-on-shelves, but there is efefctively only one distributor here (and another guy who goes overseas and buys stuff himself)

I need to get a part-time job this vac before getting the ting (I will! eventually!), but in the meantime I guess it wouldn't hurt to ask around

(STILL haven't found UnderWorld)


Ron Edwards


Judging from a couple of posts, maybe I ought to clarify that Sorcerer is ONLY available in hardbound form. The supplements are paperback, but the basic game is only ever to be published the format that you currently see.