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Dead Meat - Help for v2.666!

Started by unodiablo, June 05, 2001, 05:54:00 PM

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I'm working on v2.666 of Dead Meat, a Zombie Horror RPG/Game which you can look at v1.666 of here:

I'm planning on turning this into a small $1 or giveaway fanzine game (about 12 pages with art and updated text) to bring to GenCon this fall. Any comments, additions, etc. would be greatly appreciated!
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Our group (Ron, Mario, Elizabeth, and me) are planning to play Dead Meat in 3 weeks (we are having a zombie glut, All Felsh, then yours, then I Zombie, if I can track it down).

We'll give you some feedback then, I'm certain.



What's 'I, Zombie'?

I have a copy of Zombi:TECHTD from Crucible games, and BRAINS: Hardcore Punks against Dead Guys. Nver heard of the other one... Comments would be great.

And I want to play in that game! Heck, I'd even drive to Chicago and run it... :smile:
Home of 2 Page Action Movie RPG & the freeware version of Dead Meat: Ultima Carneficina Dello Zombi!


Hey Sean,

I might be treading on ground you've already covered, but some rules on how to play the zombies as characters would be cool.  Not in your typical way mind you, but something ala Shatter Dead.  If you haven't seen that film, I could bring it with me to Gen Con...which would be too late to serve as inspiration, really.  Oh well...maybe something else could be arranged...let me know.  



Anyone is welcome to have fun at the great domicile of Dav!  We play Thursday nights, 7pm.  If you really want to come on down and play, email me or let me know (I have this nightmare where I post my address and phone number and the whole damn Forge shows up at my door asking for dice and beer).

You'll be in some mighty fine company if you come down.


Jared A. Sorensen

Shatter Dead.  Oh, man...*ick*

- Jared
jared a. sorensen /


Yeah, I'll do that! I can take a Friday off and cruise on down after work on a Thurs. I'll send an e-mail about it. (Did I hear you say BEER???)

What's I, ZOMBIE????

Shatter Dead? Need to see this... Send me a list of what you want from my flicks, and we can work out a trade easy! I do have rules on PC Zombies. I think the rules are somewhat like 'Elfs' (which I haven't bought yet, shame on me), as your Zombie has a hard time doing what you want it to do. i.e. Are driven more for the taste of living flesh than wanting to watch Evil Dead 2 for the zillionth time, or go shoppin' for a 10 gauge filled w/ double-ought buckshot.

You always say "geez, sicko's", yet you've seen them all too! :smile:

I'm a sicko, Moose'z a sicko, and we know that you're a sicko too... Be a sicko, drink Pickled Docters, be a sicko... LOL!

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Home of 2 Page Action Movie RPG & the freeware version of Dead Meat: Ultima Carneficina Dello Zombi!

Ron Edwards

All I know about "I, Zombie" is that it's listed in the RPG index. It caught my eye last time I was there. I planned to drop by there again Real Soon Now and hunt indie/free games anyway.

So when our Thursday night group started talking zombie games, I mentioned it. But none of us have any clue about it yet.


Matt Gwinn

I had an idea for a zombie game but Hardcoremoose suggested I just pass it on to you as an adendum to your game, so here goes.

How about "Zombie! The Musical"

Players who sing their dialog get bonus' to their rolls, or extra experience.  The idea was inspired by the movie "Cannibal! The Musical"

And by the way, "I, Zombie" is a movie released by Fangoria a couple years ago.  It's about a guy who is slowly becoming a zombie and his struggle with the desire for human flesh.  If there is an RPG based on it it should be pretty interesting.

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Speaking of Zombie musicals, a few years ago a friend and I tried to rewrite the musical numbers from Westside Story for a short video we hoped to make.  It was, of course, called Darkside Story.  A small snippet (set to the music of whatever that first song in Westside Story is):

When you-re un-dead
You-re un-dead all the way
from the first taste of flesh
to the matter that's gray

when you-re un-dead

Ahh, hell, I can't remember the rest.  You get the point - we had a lot of free time on our hands in those days.