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Married? Have Kids? Pets? Demons?

Started by Sydney Freedberg, April 06, 2005, 11:53:41 AM

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Blake Hutchins

Married?  Yes, been shacked up together for ten years now, almost to the day.  Non-gamer chick, but has occasional bursts of gaming curiosity.  Unfortunately, the last time it materialized was when the only game going among our then-group was a DnD 3.0 campaign a friend was running.  Turned out to trickle down to die with a dull thud.   The game, that is, not my relationship.

Kids:  Two girls, er, princesses, six years and 22 months, respectively.  Future gamers, I'm sure.  The oldest is already halfway there.  Despite her unholy preference for all things pink and sparkly, she likes my black Magic cards the best, 'cause zombie ronin are "coooool."

Pets:  Four cats, one dog, numerous fish, and Boo-Boo the hamster, who lives at my wife's classroom.  I think my blood is 40% cat dander by volume.

Demons:   Oh dear God, yes.  Oodles and herds.  See kids, pets, and add my own writing obsession/self-doubt.  Plus my thus far frustrated desire to get back into regular gaming.   Don't even get me started on the current political situation in the US with that chimp in the White House.  Yeh.  Demon-ridden in spades.

Chris Gardiner

Wife: will have, as of August 5th.
Pets: two cats - October and November.
Kids: No. One very cute, 1-year old nephew, though.
Demons: Nah. Killed 'em for the xp.


Wife: Melanie
Pets: two dogs, two rats, three rabbits, two peacocks, 22 chickens (for eggs), one bearded dragon, and two outdoor cats.
Kids: 5, from ages 5 to 15, with one on deck.
Demons:  A half-baked game stuck in my head!
Iowa Indie Gamers!


Wife Husband: he still won't say 'yes', damn him. We're both pretty much waiting until it means a damn thing to the Federal fucking government, damn them.
Offspring: nope, but not ruling'em out. I have a half-sister who's ~30 years younger, though.
Pets: my beloved came with his cat, Elsie, to whom I am desperately allergic, but of whom I am ridiculously fond. <sniff>
Demons: oy.

- Alexander

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Losing, one lies down in pain.
The calmed lie down with ease,
having set winning & losing aside.

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Bryan Hansel

Wife: Nope. Probably soon or else I'm in trouble.  I was engaged once, and we got matching tattoos. Thank God I didn't go through with that one.
Kids: Biologically, one - daughter - 16 years old this week. I gave her up for adoption. I've spent 16 years coming to terms with that, and probably, at least, 16 more.  I have two nieces, and I love them like my own.
Pet: One cat, one fish, plants.  I really want a sled dog.
Demons: Demon's as in bad stuff I do? None.


Update from last year:

Still have the same awesome partner.
Gained another awesome baby person of the male persuasion, born Dec 7, 2005. This brings us to three boys, 9 yrs, 6 yrs, and 4 mos. Vincent says this feels like a full and generous family, and I agree, so that's that.
Still the same three cats, goofy, neurotic, and bossy.
Still the same demons, but they are quieter these days.

Walt Freitag

Quote from: Ben Lehman on April 07, 2005, 09:55:38 AM
Quote from: Walt
When I walk around at night, streetlights go out as I walk under them. Just once in a while, but regularly. Other people I'm walking with notice. I say, "Oh, that happens all the time to everybody, right?" And they just give me a blank confused stare.
Quote from: lumpley
That's something to do with vibrations in the sidewalk and shorts in the wires and something. I'm pretty sure. I'm almost positive. It happens to me too. Sometimes when I'm driving - vibrations in the road, then, too. It happens all the time to everybody, I think. Right? I mean, um, right?

I have a terrifying story about this.

This used to happen to me.

Then, something changed about my internal life.

Then, the streetlights started *coming on* when I walked under them.

All right, Ben. I'm curious. A year later to the day, I have to ask: what was it that changed about your internal life? And why would such a change, or the fact that such a change occurred, be terrifying?

And how might the implied physical causation actually work? Artificial light doesn't come from magic; it's electric fields propagating through wires and so forth. How does the state of one's internal life affect such a system from several yards away?

- Walt
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  Thought I'd share:
Wife: Yes (Just had 13th Anniversary of our first date, and July is 11th Anniversary of our wedding!)
Kids: None (we probably aren't having kids)
Pets: No (Gaggle of Gamers)
Demons: Low Self Esteem
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Ben Lehman

Hey, Walt.

I figured out why, and it isn't a change in my internal world, but rather a chance in my external world.  I moved to China.  In China, there are a lot of burnt out lights.  However, impacts sometimes cause them to shake into place for a bit -- turning on.

In the US, where we actually take care of our streetlights, the reverse happens (they tend to be on but, if they're on the verge of breakdown, a shake turns them off.)