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Married? Have Kids? Pets? Demons?

Started by Sydney Freedberg, April 06, 2005, 04:53:41 PM

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Ron Edwards

Nearly the same answers as last year, on page one.

Wife, check.
Cat's still alive, have acquired a dog.
Kids & demons, still have all you wankers, which goes double at this point.

Best, Ron

Ben Lehman

I'm pretty much on the same page:

Wife: nope.  I'm slightly more enrelationshipped than last year, but only slightly.
Pets: none.
Demons: I denied one of them its Need for too long and it popped.  So now I'm just down to two.


Trevis Martin

The wife and dogs are all good, same as before.

However in about 2 months and some we're going to be parents.
I had no idea how this would feel.  I'm excited and happy and scared out of my wits at the same time.

That I'm responsible for the life of another human being is completely insane.


Peter Nordstrand

# of wives: 1
# of sons: 2 (aged 4 and 2)
# of pets: 0
# of demons: oh, man don't talk about my demons
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Wife : one, brand new (october)
Kids : one boy on his way (should pop-up of the mom's belly in june)
Pets : one, a cat
Demons : I'd rather not talk about those here...
Sébastien Pelletier
And you thought plot was in the way ?
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Wife: Still one.
Children: Still one.
Pets: Got rid of under-next-door cats (except one). Have 11-month-old dog. Daughter has frog.
Demons: I think I had more than I thought....
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Dirk Ackermann

Wife: nope, but she is too damn close
Kids: my lovely daughter, 5 months
Pets: 2 cats and 1 dog
Demons: to play and play and play and play and play...
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Jason Morningstar

Wife:  I've been legally married in Iceland for three years.  In the United States, not so much as far as I can tell.
Kids:  None, but we both love baby goats.
Pets:  Two cats in capes, Margaret and Lily
Demons:  Print designers making Web pages.  Flash.

Mark D. Eddy

I may be unique, here but, for the record...

Spouse: Widower (Married 10 yrs, widowed 2)
Kid: 1 blind surviving twin
Pets: Not any more.
Demons: What do you think?
Mark Eddy
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Clinton R. Nixon

A year later!

Spouse: My beautiful wife, Crystal, who I love more than gaming.
Kids: not yet
Pets: a cat, Violet, and a giant schnauzer, Charlie
Demons: not so many anymore
Clinton R. Nixon
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Andrew Cooper

Let's see...

Wife: 1 beautiful, smart, slightly violent Filippina woman.
Kids: 1 boy of 2 years.
Pets: 2 of the dumbest dogs on the face of creation and 7 tropical fish.
Demons:  I banished those bastards for the humanity gain.


1 Wife, no kids.  1 dog, 3 cats.  Hamsters are all gone now.

Mike Holmes

Quote from: Clinton R. Nixon on April 06, 2006, 01:53:30 PM
Spouse: My beautiful wife, Crystal, who I love more than gaming.

Let's not get carried away, C.

Married to Marj since forever (which is a good thing), Alexander is 5, and a blue-belt in kiddie tae-kwon-do, Diana is 2 and basically just enormously cute.

I don't get the whole idea of pets. But I may be forced into it at some point, from what I can see. Gah!

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Wife: Amber - almost 9 years now
Children: Jonathan - 8 (yes, I named him after myself), Jeremiah - 6, Kaitlyn - 5
Pets: Hercules, the laziest cat I have ever met
Demons: The married couple in my gaming group...


Spouse: Jennifer's now my fiancee.
Kids: None, not even as a plan.
Pets: Her cat, Max, is mine now.  Mwahaha.  We've added a nice tank of fish.
Demons: The looming wedding...
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