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Staking and Splitting - Possible Errata?

Started by Garg, March 23, 2006, 05:06:40 AM

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I was reviewing the rules recently and noticed something that confused me.  It's not really a rules errata so much as an errata of the excellent example chapter.  Or, well, I think that's the case.

Pg. 37 "Players may not Split dice on a side with no Debt or only one Debt staked."

Pg. 63 near the top, Alex Splits a side off on the "Goal: Crush Liz's Defiance" Conflict which has no Debt staked on any side.  "Now that he's Allied, he's staking a point of Justice on 'Crush Defiance' and splitting his own side off of the Scarab's."

Hope this was helpful.


You can't split dice on the same side with only one Debt.

You can however, split and create a NEW side with only one Debt.  It's an exception rule.