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Fuck Rock n Roll!

Started by Latreya Sena, April 08, 2006, 02:59:53 AM

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Latreya Sena

...These stars are more like filmmakers!

Ron Edwards = George Lucas - in his younger years :-)
Vincent Baker = Quentin Tarantino
Paul Czege = Tim Burton
Clinton R. Nixon = Terry Gilliam
Zak Arnston = Steven Spielberg
Seth Ben-Ezra = Richard Kelly
Jared Sorensen = Peter Jackson



I dunno, it's possible Jared S. is Quentin.

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Ben Lehman

Shouldn't you be discussing indie film-makers?


Yeah--at least somebody less crassly commercial. Like Bergman or Cassavetes.
AKA Jeff Zahari

Gordon C. Landis

In this, one thing is certain - Jared is Cronenberg. The rest, I have no clue. (under construction)


No, Jared is not Cronenberg. Ron is Cronenberg. Jared is Don Coscarelli.


The guy who directed "Phantasm", of course. BOY.

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Latreya Sena

QuoteShouldn't you be discussing indie film-makers?

Hey dorks! All of these directors were major, classic, indie filmmakers and for most films still are!

If Jareds going to be Cronenberg or Tarantino (hey, I concede he could be both) then that would leave Vincent to be.. umm...


I nominate John Cassavetes for Vincent.
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Yeah I'm all like, "Jared, Peter Jackson? The HELL does Jared have to do with Middle Earth - oh wait."

Someone should get to be Soderbergh.


Ron Edwards

Not George Lucas.

John Sayles.

Best, Ron


How about Shohei Imamaura for Paul Czege?

Tony, I'm thinking maybe Pedro Almodovar.

Ron, I think you must be someone more seminal, like Kurosawa, or Jean-Luc Godard.
AKA Jeff Zahari

joshua neff

Is there a more seminal indie director than John Sayles?

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Eric J-D

I think Jeff's got it about right.  Either would be more fitting for Ron than Sayles (even though I love Sayles' movies).

Kurosawa, according to film historian Donald Richie, was the first director to point his camera upwards and do a tracking shot of the sun through the trees (this is in Kurosawa's beyond-words incredibly brilliant Rashomon).  That, to me, has Ron written all over it--pointing folks in a direction that they hadn't really seen clearly before.  [Incidentally, you can see the heavy influence of Kurosawa's famous upward tracking shot in Terence Malick's visually beautiful The Thin Red Line]

Godard's a great choice too.  Given his famed commitment to "make it new," Godard was once asked something to this effect, "But surely you would agree that all films have to have a beginning a middle and an end, n'est ce pas?"  To which Godard gnomically replied, "Of course! But not necessarily in that order!"  That too strikes me as echt/i] Ron."



P.S. Ron et al, does it ever embarrass you all to have folks talk about you in this way?  Or does it "creep you out" (to use a phrase my daughter is fond of)?

P.P.S. To Josh: yeah, John Cassevetes. 

joshua neff

Quote from: Eric J-D on April 08, 2006, 10:52:21 AM
P.P.S. To Josh: yeah, John Cassevetes.

The "father of independent films" who made harsh movies about troubled relationships and people', demons? Yeah, good call.

"You can't ignore a rain of toads!"--Mike Holmes