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Dust Devils Revenged - Initial Impression

Started by Yokiboy, August 06, 2007, 01:45:29 AM

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The original Dust Devils was one of the first indie games I purchased, but at the time I still didn't grok story gaming. Coming back to Dust Devils Revenged after a few years of great story gaming, I was blown away by it! What a great premise, cool system, and the great advice on actually running a game is awesome.

I can't wait to play it, and know that it will please my gaming group as well.

The only thing I can find to nitpick on, is that a proofreader and editor would've been nice, but with such great content I can overlook this fact.

The fact that I visited Bodie, California, just a couple of days after having finished reading Dust Devils just lead to further excitement on my part to play the game. I bought some 1880-ish Bodie newspaper reprints, a book detailing the town of Bodie in its entirety as it was in 1880, including detailed maps and stories, showing where on the map they took place, and a book written by an actual resident of Bodie.

For those that don't know, Bodie is an old ghost town, that used to be a gold and silvermining boomtown that had its hayday in 1880. Part of the town is still standing to this day, and they do tours of the last of the gold mills. I can highly recommend a visit to anyone interested in the time period.

Now I'm devouring the Bodie books, and then we'll feature a Dust Devils game featuring The Bad Men from Bodie!

Thanks Matt,


Matt Snyder

Hi, Yoki. Thanks for the comments. If you want, please share the typos you found so I can fix them for future printings.
Matt Snyder

"The future ain't what it used to be."
--Yogi Berra