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[Dust Devils (Revenged)] - Chips Question

Started by Darcy Burgess, April 09, 2008, 09:21:40 PM

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Darcy Burgess

Hi Matt,

We just kicked off a DD game last week, and two of the guys are used to the first edition of the rules.  I don't know if their interpretation of the Revenged edition is being coloured by the old rules, but here's our problem:

They think that when the Dealer spends chips to take extra cards against a player that those chips go to the player.  Is this the case?

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Hi Darcy!  I'm not Matt...but I do like Black Cadillacs!

I also happen to have both the old and new version of the rules handy, and I can't see this rule in either version.
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Matt Snyder

Hi, Darcy --

You're players aren't crazy! The original edition of Dust Devils said that dealers must award 1 chip to each player when they deal or draw 1 additional card. And, the dealer had to award 1 chip to the player when he/she Folded as well.

None of these rules exists in the Revenged edition. In Revenged, chips are the "same" for all players, including the Dealer. The Dealer earns chips just as players do (by countering Traits, countering the Devil, and winning stakes). And, in all cases, the Dealer "spends" chips back into the Bank, just as players do. Chips never exchange between players. Chips always go between the Bank and a player OR the Bank and the Dealer.
Matt Snyder

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Darcy Burgess

Hi Matt, Hi Hans

Thanks for the answers!  I was pretty sure that I'd skimmed the rules correctly.

Two follow-up questions (neither is directly related to Chips, however):

1) When intents in a conflict are in direct opposition (the classic "I smack him."  "I dodge.") situation, the system seems to tick along without a problem until someone folds.  I can't see my way clear of handling this one.  Thoughts?

2) How do you handle the stories of characters whose "nigh-ends" (one or more scores reduced to zero) are triggered more or less accidentally out of bad luck?  We don't know much about the characters yet, and after last session 3 out of 4 characters could enter the end at any point.  What general procedures in play will produce compelling stories?

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