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Mention of Little Fears in a bibliography

Started by Fade Manley, October 08, 2003, 07:58:48 PM

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Fade Manley

In the back of the new GURPS Faerie, in the usual list of other suggested books, movies, RPGs, and the like, the bibliography mentions Little Fears as a good source for a campaign using children as PCs. Just thought I'd mention that it had been referenced positively there.

(For what it's worth, I haven't read the game yet because I'm still trying to buy a copy; my game store has it on back order from the distributor, and has for the last three months... But eventually it will come. I'm sure.)

Jason L Blair


Thanks for the heads-up! I'll have to check it out.

RE: Distribution
That problem will be resolved shortly. Which distributor is it, by the way?
Jason L Blair
Writer, Game Designer

Fade Manley

The distributor is either Alliance or Centurion, but I can't say for sure, not being at work to check the documents. I'll see if I can find out tomorrow.